Are you getting the best out of your cloud provider?

Our system engineering and Linux expertise will help you set up and maintain secure, scalable and performant cloud applications with optimized and predictable costs. We are experts in large-scale automated deployments on AWS, Azure and OpenStack clouds.

Focus on your business,

leave DevOps to us.

  • Automated deployments using Fabric or CI/CD servers
  • Cost optimisation
  • Migration between cloud platforms
  • Large scale infrastructure management with Terraform
  • Containerize apps with Docker and Kubernetes



DealStreetAsia (DSA) is a leading news website covering news related to venture funding in Asia.

HBL brought down hosting costs by 67% while increasing performance and uptime.

Honey Badger Labs took over the maintenance of DSA’s high traffic WordPress deployment to fix reliability issues and escalating AWS costs.

HBL cleaned up malware from the source code and brought sources under version control.

Deployments were automated with Fabric and recovery procedures

 were set up.

The over-provisioned database and web servers were downsized after query optimisations, media offloading to S3 and CloudFront, and bot traffic control.

Image scalers were shifted to a serverless platform (Amazon Lambda) for further cost optimizations.

Hosting costs came down to a predictable USD 500 per month from USD 1500 per month.


“We brought HBL on board at a crucial time in our journey. They were able to bring our monthly costs down, improve our site performance and handle a major project for us in record time.”

Joji Philip , CEO, DealStreetAsia

AWS to OpenStack
Cloud Migration

Customer details not  disclosed due to confidentility requirements.

Honey Badger Lab migrated the customer’s infrastructure hosted in an off-shore AWS data center to a local cloud provider to meet data localization requirements.

The local cloud provider did not support managed services for databases, application servers, load balancing and caching. Honey Badger Labs set up these services on a bare bones OpenStack cloud using Terraform:

  • A 6-node MySQL Database cluster in two availability zones with Galera replication
  • Load balanced app, notification server, web and admin pools with 12 servers and 4 load balancers.
  • Redis server cluster with 2 servers.
  • About 30 server instances in all including TCP and HTTP load balancers.
  • Terraform with OpenStack provider to create all servers using automation. Deployment configuration maintained in version control.
  • Database cluster performance tuning and validation using custom load scripts.
  • Dockerized all application servers. Multi stage builds to optimize build size.
  • Jenkins CI/CD server setup for app deployment.
  • Application performance validation using custom load scripts.
  • Blue green app deployment from Jenkins using custom control scripts for HA proxy servers fronting pool being upgraded.
  • Fabric for system management tasks on all servers.
  • Monitoring dashboards using Site24x7 agents.
  • Tested blue green deployment with active load.
  • Security lockdown with firewall rules and public address management using Terraform


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