Badgers don’t give up, we say no to nothing. That’s one of our core traits, irrespective of the situation. We are tenacious and we care !
Binu co-founder

A veteran full stack software developer, Binu began programming in school on a home PC with 256 KB RAM and a 9 MHz processor. He has 10 US patents in video conferencing and he was a finalist in Google India Code Jam, 2005. He is an avid macro photographer and he can be found chasing bugs (not the software kind) on weekends.

Vinodh co-founder

Vinodh is a Systems Engineer with the bulk of his experience in the area of enterprise telecom software. He started his entrepreneurial journey after heading the operations of a food tech startup at Bangalore. Has an avid interest in numbers, loves poker and taking risks.

Sijeesh Creative Director
A simple man drawn by the pull of a new story around every corner.
Arun Developer

I’m not a renowned geek or at least the beginner. Just another guy.

Ayushman Developer

Its all fun and games till someone finds a bug! I have Love for Games and code, not in that order. Logic above emotions, keeps me happy.

Karthigeya Developer

Programming Knight, fond of big screens.

Nawaid Developer

I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.

Nithin Developer

Half Stark. Half Targaryen. Member of the Night’s Watch. Does Python charming when not fighting the Whitewalkers.

Abhishek Developer

I once executed craziness in infinite loop to keep the spark in me, alive!

Ankit Developer

Geek, foodie and marvel fan.

Aachman Developer

A die-hard football fan with a deep passion for coding. Loves the mountains (and their dogs). Believes in doing the talking on the field and not much elsewhere.

Sudev Developer

A die-hard cricket fan with a deep passion for coding.

Nowshad Developer

Programming Knight, fond of big screens.