We are Badgers


A veteran full stack software developer, Binu began programming in school on a home PC with 256 KB RAM and a 9 MHz processor. He has 10 US patents in video conferencing and he was a finalist in Google India Code Jam, 2005. He is an avid macro photographer and he can be found chasing bugs (not the software kind) on weekends.


Vinodh is a Systems Engineer with the bulk of his experience in the area of enterprise telecom software. He started his entrepreneurial journey after heading the operations of a food tech startup at Bangalore. Has an avid interest in numbers, loves poker and taking risks.


I'm not a renowned geek or at least the beginner. Just another guy.


Programming Knight, fond of big screens.


Half Stark. Half Targaryen. Member of the Night's Watch. Does Python charming when not fighting the Whitewalkers.


Its all fun and games till someone finds a bug! I have Love for Games and code, not in that order. Logic above emotions, keeps me happy.


I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.

HarshithaCustomer Success

An Engineer by degree and a data analyst by profession. I am a self proclaimed learner found the zeal for learning analytics since I have joined this organisation. On the personal side, I enjoy sketching and painting. Love sports and music.


Geek, foodie and marvel fan.


I once executed craziness in infinite loop to keep the spark in me, alive!


A die-hard football fan with a deep passion for coding. Loves the mountains (and their dogs). Believes in doing the talking on the field and not much elsewhere.


A die-hard cricket fan with a deep passion for coding.